Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

We are experts in administering medically proven treatments for lines and wrinkles.

About our services

Botox is the leading non-surgical treatment for patients wanting to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles, with positive results visible in as little as 72 hours.

As dentists, we have a far greater understanding of facial structure than inexperienced practitioners with an intimate knowledge of underlying muscles and bones. This means we can be more targeted with your Botox injections, administering them strategically around the face and minimising the number required.

Some benefits of choosing a dentist for your anti-wrinkle treatments:

  • Experts in facial structure - Dentists undertake years of training to understand the structure of the face including the underlying muscles and bones. This means dentists know exactly where to place Botox injections to generate the most effective results, and a beauty salon is unlikely to have the same expertise.
  • Safe and sterile environment - Hygiene is paramount for Botox treatment and Elm Park Dental Surgery offers a sterile, clinical environment for this to take place.
  • Professional service and care - Our Botox customers are cared for in exactly the same way as our dental patients, benefitting from all of the impeccable service you'd expect from a team highly qualified, professional dentists and nurses - something else that you don't get at a beauty salon.

Before we do anything, it’s critical that we understand both you what you want from your Botox treatment. We will carry out a full medical history survey before we start treatment to ensure your safety, followed by a comprehensive consultation process focussed on the results you desire. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority and our dental surgery offers the ideal environment to achieve both.

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